Book Bundles

Do you miss browsing at the library?

Would you like to be introduced to a new author or discover a story that you wouldn’t have thought of reading?

Try Personalized Book Bundles, a new and convenient way to explore and check out library materials. Instead of requesting specific titles, tell us what types of materials you would like, and librarians will select them for you.

Here’s how it works:
1. Complete the online Book Bundle Request Form. Pick the categories you are
interested in (such as adult historical fiction, teen nonfiction, or children’s picture
books). You don’t have to limit your choices to books. You can request types of music,movies, and magazines, too.

2. Library staff will gather materials and then you’ll receive a notification when the
items are ready. Please allow 2 days for staff to complete the request.

3. After receiving the notification, schedule a Takeout appointment to pick up your
book bundle in the library’s west entry behind Pizza Planet.

If you have questions or would prefer to submit your book bundle request over the
phone, please contact us at 715-247-5228 on Mondays through Fridays from
10:00 AM-6:00 PM.


208 Hud Street
Somerset, WI 54025




MON: 10AM - 6PM Takeout Appointments

TUE: 10AM - 6PM Takeout Appointments

WED: 10AM - 6PM Takeout Appointments

THU: 10AM - 6PM Takeout Appointments

FRI: 10AM - 6PM Takeout Appointments

SAT: 10AM - 12PM Takeout Appointments



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