American Girl Tea Party

American Girl Tea Party

Takes place every January!

This annual party is always a big hit… and American boys are welcome too! If your child loves the dolls or the books or just tea parties in general, they will have a blast.

Join us for a tea party, complete with games, craft activities, and of course tea and snacks.

Registration will begin in December for our next Tea Party taking place in January 2021.  All signups are done electronically and can be found on this page in December.

January 2020’s American Girl Fairy Tea Party!

We had a great time last January, as our twenty tea-party goers showed up, many with dolls in hand, for the festivities.  The library was decorated in green and pink and filled with fairy decorations.  The kids broke off into groups and went to various stations, including a fairy wand-making station, a treasure-unwrapping minigame, and a photo booth.  Then they gathered for flower-shaped cookies and fairy tea (which tasted a lot like apple juice…)  All in all, the kids had a great time, and went home with some grab bags of fairy goodies!


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